Thứ Năm, 31 tháng 5, 2012

First blog

I'm having new blog. Lolz, after a while, I decide to open a new blog. Why it's a new blog? Because I had many blogs before :P. Most of them I put in private because I can post something that ppl shouldn't read about me. Since this one is an open blog, I guess it's better to post something less sensitive.

So, the question is: What is this blog for?

1. I wanna write something in English
2. I wanna have a new place to share my reviews

I only can think of these things at this moment. Might have more reasons, but it dun come to me by now so I won't list.

Second question: What you can find in this blog?

1. Nothing :P
2. Everything

Why nothing? Because I don't plan to make this one like a place that you can understand more about me. In addition, I'm often lazy so the blog might be "dusty" for a long while without any specific reason.

Why everything? An open blog is a place where ppl write for other ppl to read :). That's why it will have everything that can be called a hotpot.

Hey, I'm invited to a hotpot party tomorrow :D. So coincident.

Ok, thank you for listening and here is all about my blog. I guess the first post only needs these things?

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