Thứ Sáu, 8 tháng 6, 2012


I'm influenced by the manga AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei to dig more infos about AKB48 today.

Ok, not that I only know about AKB48 today. I know something about them but only today I feel interested in them.

First to say, they are really idols. They are not that good at singing and their songs are very very similar. All the songs have the same type of melody. So to say that I like their voices, I have to say indeed no. But I like their performance. The girls tried their best to give the audiences the feel of the songs. I appreciate them for this. Ppl can say that they are a group of young girls who are selling sex since their MVs contain a lot of bikini or short skirts scenes. Oh, it isn't wrong at all. But looking at the culture of Japan and how open they are with sex, it's too normal. The AKB48 girls are still normal and they are able to keep the feel of young girls. SDN48 is the mature version of AKB48 and in their MVs, they tend to have more sexy things that the AKB48 girls dun have. Then, AKB48, you girls are still naive.

Second, their MVs. Well, they have really good MVs. I like the way they film such MVs. Haha, some are very yuri, with the kisses of the girls. Oh well, as long as the guys dun kiss, I think the audiences still feel ok. Uhm, I don't want to mention of yuri feel in their MVs. I'm saying about the way they film. How to say? It's really MVs of young students. No sexy even with bikinis. I can't understand how they can do this? Maybe the girls themselves dun have the sexy factors.

Third, the group. At first, I felt very confused with how many ppl in AKB48. Now after searching for a while, I finally can understand a little. It helps me to follow the manga easier. Also due to the manga, I found the girls mentioned in it. I also found the clip of Takamina solo. Her singing is quite ok which is a big surprise to me. To the ppl who dun listen to Jpop much her singing can't attract them. But Japanese have the different way of pronounce so I find her voice is pretty good. Reading in the manga that she has the best voice in AKB48, I somehow agree. Acchan is more attractive, but Takamina is the captain of team A, the reason is clear. She always thinks for AKB48 and is kind to the juniors. She has the ability of a leader.

What make AKB48 famous? Many ppl asked this question. Before knowing about them, I asked, too. But after today, I partly can understand the reason why. The competition helps them to strive more and more. Kudos to them.Haha, overall I only want to know more about AKB48 because of the manga, still that. Although that, I still hope that they can do more in the future. Who noe, one day I can become a fan of AKB48.

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