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Pre-story of Kun Lun - Review

 Pre-story of Kun Lun

《 kun lun 》( feng ge ) wen zi ban / quan liu ce [PDF]

 I. Introduction

Last time I talked about Cang Hai of Feng Ge. Must know that Feng Ge only published 3 books at this moment: First one is Pre-story of Kun Lun, second is Kun Lun, third is Cang Hai. However, Pre-story of Kun Lun and Kun Lun are actually one, therefore ppl only say of Kun Lun and Cang Hai. But Pre-story of Kun Lun also can be considered as a separate book of Kun Lun. I haven't finished Kun Lun because I don't really like the main character Liang Xiu but I prefer its pre-story more. Can say that this pre-story is the reason why I was interested in Feng Ge and chose to read Cang Hai. So thank to Pre-story of Kun Lun, I know about Kuk Chun.

This is why I'm writing this review for Pre-story of Kun Lun. You can read it without having to read Kun Lun, but you can read both if want.

This pre-story is about Liang Wen Jing - father of Liang Xiu in Kun Lun. The story starts when Wen Jing and his father Liang Tian Duk come back home. In the way, they accidentally meet the corpse of a young guy, then they know that he is Jia Wan Wang - killed by the prince of Song. To cover this one and to save Song kingdom from Mongolians, Wen Jing is forced to act Jia Wan Wang.

II. Review

1. Plot

Although it is short, I highly appreciate the storyline of Kun Lun tian ji juan. It is much more interesting than Kun Lun, in my opinion. All the characters are written very well. I guess one reason is its length. The character development of Liang Wen Jing is very logical from the beginning to the end. Can say that time goes by but his character doesn't change. He is still the thoughtful person inside the mask of a silly guy. And one bonus point to this Pre-story is the love of Yu Ling and Wen Jing. I rarely feel that Feng Ge's strength is in love aspect but with Kun Lun pre-story, Feng Ge has this feel of love.

This one is Feng Ge's first published novel. After publishing this, he becomes famous, a new star in the wuxia novel world of China. It has its own reason. The writing in Kun Lun tian ji juan is very mature to his age (Feng Ge was 25 when it was published). It shows that Feng Ge is serious with his work. Although its wuxia smell is kinda normal and not really creative (compare to using Maths in wuxia for Kun Lun, Business in wuxia for Cang Hai and upcoming Ling Fei Jing with Music), Kun Lun tian ji juan is satisfied with the wuxia. I guess the reason is that Feng Ge wants to save some good things for Kun Lun so he didn't invest much in this pre-story. The purpose of this pre-story is only to let ppl know about the past of Liang Xiu.

Hence, it reminds me to Sword and Sabre of  Jin Yong with a pre-story. I often compare Feng Ge to Jin Yong because I partly agree that Feng Ge is affected by Jin Yong quite a lot. He might be Jin fan, it shows in the way he writes his book and develops the character. I don't say it's bad because among the Jin followers, Feng Ge is definitely a "Feng" (phoenix). He is able to make his own world. But I also think that Feng Ge's mind is more open than Jin Yong. The generation? Maybe. Feng Ge's chacs are not bound by the old morals as much as Jin Yong. Jin Yong tried to let some of his chacs out of his circle but not really. With Feng Ge, he has characters like this, for example Kuk Chun or Gou Ru Monk. Liang Wen Jing is also a type of person that hasn't appeared in Jin Yong's novels. He is silly but thoughtful, seems lazy but actually deep and sensitive. He knows what he wants and what he can do, but also thinks for other ppl. He isn't hypocrite or tries to be a guanzi. He is himself, nothing can make him change. I blv that Wen Jing is the most free character that Feng Ge ever had, even understand himself better than Kuk Chun (but Kuk Chun is smarter than Wen Jing :D).

2. Character

Liang Wen Jing is the main character of this novel. As said, he is himself. He knows himself but also a thoughtful person. I'm impressed with a Wen Jing that always tries to run away from the role Jia Wan Wang but doesn't scare of dangerous to collect the money stolen by Gong Yang Yu because "My father worked very hard in five years to have this amount of money". Note that his father doesn't know about this, and seem like he doesn't care for this amount of money. This action of Wen Jing is very natural and comes from his heart, not an act. And he finishes the role Jia Wan Wang perfectly, makes the Mongolians scares 3 words Jia Wan Wang to death. If he wants, he can take this role forever and even becomes a king, but no, Wen Jing chose Yu Ling, even that they know her sifu can kill them one day.

Yu Ling - a Mongolian, is the dizi of Xiu Tian Suet. Her sifi is an evilily - lolz, ok, I'm kidding - but the love of Yu Ling and Wen Jing is of course a forbidden love. From Wen Jing's ppl and from Yu Ling's sifu. But they don't care and they still love each other. Yu Ling is never a good girl, all she does is for Wen Jing and for Wen Jing only. Sword and Saber? Yes, kind of. But not that she is impressed with he himself. Haha, in fact, at first she thinks he is useless (somehow he really is). By a joke of Gong Yang Yu, they are forced to be loved, and then love. I feel that Yu Ling is an interesting girl. The bad girl aspect in her is more funny than both of bad girls in Sword and Saber. So to compare, I like Wen Jing - Yu Ling in here more.

Uhm, other than two main characters, I don't favour any more characters in Kun Lun pre-story. So that's it.

Conclusion: To read or not to read?

To read! I vote for this one if you wanna find something to read after finishing Cang Hai. Read Kun Lun if want, but Kun Lun tian ji juan is highly recommended. If you like Kuk Chun, you will like Liang Wen Jing. I can't say the same thing to Liang Xiu :D.

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